Friday, February 04, 2011

Solidarity is all we need

I hereby call on all American and European Academics, professionals, activists, people who have interest in their states' foreign policies (and each responsible citizen or tax payer should have such an interest) to be active in opening discussions and raising awareness especially and reaching out to there decision makers during these tough days and months we are passing through in the MENA region.
To have a stable sustainable healthy relation that promotes mutual interests among states, and especially in the light of the 'surprising uprisings' you need two states which represent there people and not a well representative state sponsoring a security state. Aside for the fact that this act shows double standards and hypocrisy, the problem it raises is that of risking huge investment- off course it pays off, it about interests- in an unstable regime. And guess what, from now on, it will be even harder to keep such security states running smoothly.
We need better representations. We, your fellows in humanity, Youth in MENA, guys and girls, men and women are getting better at knowing our human rights, the universal indivisible human rights and we are to demand and defend them.
Yet, at the risk of seeming ridiculous, we feel- each in there own country (we are not working for a transnational Arab youth movement that will face the west or any other state and whoever thinks about this in this age is so naive)- that we are not only facing a restless, ready o burn his own country dictator or regime, but rather a whole "league of nations" which sponsor such a regime one way or another or at least provide suitable cover keeping it immune and ever stronger and eternal.
We- and i am not claiming i am a spokesman or a leader but someone who listens and reads a lot especially young writers, bloggers, facebookers, twitters, street talk...- have rights that are being violated every day. We have pride and we have ambitions and aspirations. We are neither terrorists, nor fundamentalists. We are moderate and open minded. We have been raised in anglo (more) and franco educational systems(the broad picture though our educational institions, schools and universities are not typical). We used what you gave us in terms of culture, trend, ideas/iologies, tools... and dumped much- unfortunately- of our heritage, we took practical, suitable and feel home (thats the framework we were raised in) strategies: only to know that we are not allowed to use them, that they are not practical, that they do not fit us, that we are not ready for them but how and why?
When I say we are facing a "League of Nations", I mean foreign policies of alliances of states which share power in the region and which are preventing us from achieving what we want, isolating us, labeling us and so forth.
We are the future, there is no doubt and the world is changing and our region is changing! It is not about the axis of the good and the axis of evil. It is not about US aid or Council of Europe Funds. Its about dialogue, bridging a gap when time has come and when there is a chance.
Since the end of the cold war, the fall of the Berlin wall- hopefully soon to be followed by other walls-the west as a block have not changed. Evaluation and impact assessment is needed! Smart goals and strategizing is needed not Islamophobia and the rise of right and reviving fascist ideas and treating migrants or even MENA origin residents as second class residents. Smart goals and strategies are not charities. They promote sustainable state interest. They bridge gaps, gaps between North and South, East and West, culture, tradition, religion.
This needs academics, professionals, and needs awareness among the people.
This needs some hands on fresh example to get a better understanding.
Yemen, Tunisa, Egypt. Lets stick to those for now!
Yemen- sponsored by US. Youth suffering. Al-qaeda prospering. come on, you can do better if you really want a stable state and moderate nation. Let the youth have there say. You know the US involvement in the struggle there, yeah wikileaks gave a push in that direction. People knew it long ago. Who keeps the regime in place?!
Tunisa- Sponsored by US and Europe. Who interfered since the first hours of the uprising to protect Bin Ali and then the ruling party? Justice, fairness, words can not describe this! The Tunisian youth which used new trends in communication technology and social networking in a country with the most sophisticated censorship on anything other football and succeeded in confronting terror and fear, broke all barriers with aspirations and ambitions for a real representative democracy- yes not socialist!- and what did you do. President Obama, President Sarkozi? any answer. Tax payer, I will answer you. Take the dummy out, yes, but keep he regime, give them something to chew on! Well, not exactly, how long will this stand, another 5 or 10 years! and what about those who were shocked, defeated! Healthy minds and hearts... moderate now and controlled, NO, doubt it big time, they are tomorrow’s problem!
Egypt- You still have a chance. Academics, professionals...people, you call the shot now. I do not have hope in your leaders. I can see them on the media all the time now and they say they do not want to interfere! Much more than during the financial crisis! But let me tell you that the Egyptian army gets $1.3 billion/year from the US, that is the formal figure more or less! Who is sponsoring the regime and keeping it from free falling now? You Academics, professionals...the people are the real decision makers in your countries. Lucky you! Tell you governments to keep there hands off, demonstrate peacefully like we do, we learned this as well! give MENA youth a chance and it will definitely bring a much better world for all.

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