Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hands sessions on 'Freedom of Expression'!

Congratulations fellow Tunisans and Egyptians...whatever the consequences of transition in the coming months, there is no way turning back.

Tunisian and Egyptian people and especially youth have taught the world how to use social media and have taught the world how to practice the right to freedom of expression!

Our Fellow Arab citizens in other countries should rise up simultaneously - not one at a time- so as not give the US adminstration time to save the falling regimes and cover there maneuvers!!!

The US foreign policy should learn a lesson here. Protecting secrity agreements- fighting 'terrorism'- and protecting the US interest in the region had only sponsered the security state amd repression of the people.

Unless the US realizes that this is not the best way to protect its interest on the long run, or let us say the short run!

We have seen so far the US adminstration - and the European union- and under the claim of fear of the vacuum of power covering up or directly recognizing the slightest change in performance- changing a name here or there and keeping the security arm and the regime- in a an effort to keep the unrest/revolt from achieving real change. People has become aware in this region and are aware of the double standards and hypocracy that is concealed in the US foreign policy comments.

It is only when the US and the European Union begin to understand the real needs of the people in the region, the need for a sustainable development and not US aid, the need for realsitic fair agrements and relations that they will begin to uphold their interests in this region, otherwise, there speech will only fireback at least through the fall of more regimes they are happy to have and sponsor!

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