Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Wag the Dog"

"Wag the Dog" in a new episode through a joint US-French (European and a regional partner yet to be revealed)production on way for the new MENA! Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, yemen... a coup from within to replace the old falling appart one, with a popular boost!
Cospiracy taking new shapes and using the poor repressed masses who want there freedom despite the high price they are paying and the corageous heroic stances in the streets and tranforming that for yet another repressive regime with a democratic branding... a cedar revolution, a jasmine one, and wait to see the new name that will show soon for the Egyptian one...and it will go on!

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Anonymous said...

This makes me cry and feel helpless. You voice what I fear. It looks like that to me, looking from afar, from America. We are manipulated here no matter who we elect. It is the same powers behind the figurehead. Still, it is better than a dictatorship. And still again, we need something better, purer, not only for us but especially for the rest of the world. It is not right to live in a democracy and feel shame for it's actions in the other parts of the world. You know?!!

And yet, I also recognize that the people in Egypt and in other countries that may have revolutions are intelligent and savvy. That they do have power within themselves, that after being under puppet rulers, perhaps they can recognize one and reject that. Perhaps they have good and true people who have their countries' and peoples' best interests at heart that they can elect. Maybe a good voice the whole world can hear will rise and inspire us all! We all need that.

On the other hand, if it is true that Western powers are behind it, it is better than endless wars 'to bring stability' to the region. (Sarcasm about the stability.) Yet even with that, I cannot condone outside manipulators.

Thank you. I hope you write in English more often. I will follow.
@cayalta at twitter