Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What is it like in Lebanon Now?

Population is decreasing though weather is nice! Any epidemic disease striking the country...well not exactly that sort of disease.Population is decreasing, who really cares?Almost all of my friends are gone by now...stuck here, well am not, but I like it here...Am I happy, not exactly say me...its a bit complex. I've been hybernating for so long. I used to live in the dark among the shadows of daylight and norish durning night among Beirut lights. How happy were I? Me says very. Missed smthg here...I used to live a normal life, other than the one I talked about, and by normal I mean... the usual bla bla of life, the whole package.Got it...It is called leading a double life...its all about doubles when it comes to standards, personality (ummm, multiples here maybe), peer groupssss and things of the sort...One day, I went into hybernation and here I am.Population decreasing, I don't really care, I'm in deep hybernation but I'm writing again...weather is really niceI'lll have my coffee now...think what bits and pieces should I put in words to amuse you and elevate me and guess what? If I have some time remaining, I will follow-up on my work.

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