Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lebanon: the Sustainability of Anarchy, Poverty and Chaos

Going arround Beirut these days gives you a glimpse on prosperity. With real-estate prices, construction on the run everywhere, fancy people, fancy cars and breath-taking night life, you definitely recognize that the country booming. Well, is it?
The country has been in an ongoing crisis since years now. To be specific, its been in that sustained anarchy since 24 May 2000!. The country has went through as many alarming crisis as its diversity of sects since then, but never assumed the right track towards a nation.
In this brief article, I will not tackle the constituents of the state of anarchy under study- referred to as Lebanon in this article- nor its prospects. My aim is to focus on poverty and choas, which look like the least priority for the 2 main constituent powers in Lebanon, namely, the ruling majority or the March 14 coalition and the opposing minority or the March 8 coalition. Both coalitions hereby mentioned serve as a hub for foreign interference in Lebanon, a multi-national co., a franchise like governed by a Lebanese CEOs as prescribed by Lebanese custom laws.
Both coalitions therafter refered to March 8 and March 14 limited have contributed restlessly to the sustained anarchic Lebanon we are trying to live in nowadays. Many ofcourse can not take it anymore and are escaping the unbearable void. To make the point clearer, I am not talking about the presidential elections or the void in the Lebanese presidency. The void is everywhere and the chaos is everywhere as well. The void lies in the stateless state of anarchy, our Lebanon. The no nation achieved adds a bit of complexity to the use of the word 'our' as it may seem illusive to readers. 'our' state or country refers to a certain bond among a group, an identity. There is no national identity in Lebanon at the first place and the country is composed of a mosaic of sects, religious group, a sectarian combo that has always been refered to as a unique recipe for dialogue among cultures and an oasis for democracy in the middle east. Ofcourse this bullshit.
To get a long story short, the march 8 limited co and the march 14 limited co have different priorities and agendas for Lebanon, thus leaving the country in it s stateless state. One group claims the ultimate priority is for electing a president whereas as the other prioritizes the full basket throughing the ball back. Again there is no referree in this game or bullshitting. The only added value the current political bullshitting have is that it has succeeded in sustaining 2 unique states of being among the masses of the various groups of this country. These being chaos and poverty. Chaos and poverty can be traced all accross the country however. These are qualities of life that are concealed and need a bit of contemplation and investigation to uncover. Being unspecialized in such situations, both contradicting co.s have no personell qualified the visit Beirut slums, the South slums, the Bekaa slums and the rythm goes on. they have no ability of registering the chaos they see or cause. Otherwise, they will have to address it as a priority.
Alternatively, long live the void, hurray!
This article has not yet began...a continuation follows in a series of article thereafter.

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