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A REPLY WITH ANSWERS! a reply to Who's Behind the Fighting in North Lebanon? by lamb from

Fateh el-Islam and the Hariri link, the Welch club, Jund el-Sitt, conspiracy theories that may turn true but all of that runs 24/24 on al-Manar, 4/24 on al-Jazeera as they have to work on several fronts, don't know about Syrian TV as I have some work to do! (the whole scenario, not to forget is a Seymoou Hersh-New Yorker- copyright, a potential spiritual leader of anti Bush affiliates)
To make a long reply short, I am not affiliated with any 'political' group in Lebanon, doubt that such groups exist. To add more to my problem, I do not respect any of those factions, confessional groups and their leadership and this feeling is a cross cutting one that runs across the country and goes further into other non-Lebanese groups and they are many. Do not get me wrong, I am not talking about the people, if there are any left as independent creatures. And this does not apply to 'poor' women and children and poor may be rich here.
Again, my argument is so simple. I do not care who is behind the current scenario as it makes no difference! What you read about the club may be true, it follows logically. What runs 24/24 on pro government media may be true too, the axis of evil and so forth. It makes no difference!
Welcome to the Middle East and North Africa, to the globalization of fear, terror and the open wars between the US and al-Qaeda. You are the herd, meaning the people, yet you don't know it. Those wars that run on the surface, the axis of evil, the club, the March 8, the 14th, the Palestinian factions, the Syrian Intelligence, The other Arab and International watchdogs ...all knowing or not, they all serve one goal. Terrorism, a mutual process, mastered by the CIA, al-Qaeda and coordinated by Ministries of Interior across the region. This is the war of the century; the 'WOT' and its short term objective and goals have been attained. Namely, drawing the geographical context where war can proceed and escalate, terror can hit, human rights abused, thought abolished...and so forth, BUT, what guides the game is the geography. The battles runs anywhere from Morocco to Iran across MENA and only in MENA. Is this a game?
I don't think so. What is this war about? Who are the only world powers and the sole players? The US and al-Qaeda unfortunately! Some say Europe or China but I doubt they can provide a case for that. Now that they have the battle ground ready, the battle running, they are on their way for their goals. Are they allies, is the US the mastermind of al-Qaeda, yes and there is much more to that, but this case does not hold anymore. Al-Qaeda, an idea, pushed out of every other country especially in MENA, went global and became the most sophisticated armed ‘groupS’ ever with no real refuge, a Bedwin identity coupled with muscles and information technology. I will not go through this as you may have a very good idea about it. As for the US, the same applies at least at the level of decision. An amateur cowboy looking forward for any useless absurd battle, Mr. Bush and the Globe. But could Fateh el-Islam be a Qaeda group?
All the signals, irrespective of the lull among factions of the country about its identity, show that this group of Nahr el-Bared- with compassion and affiliates in the North poor districts- is! Nothing except Arab Nationalism brought separate Arab nationals in one group or one fight. Arab Nationalism, however is an expired commodity and you all know that. And perhaps, the Muslim groups/ideologies be it militant Islam or liberal one failed to reclaim a regional cross national identity and this is main reason behind the growth of al-Qaeda coupled with the corrupt Arab regimes. What brings me to all this is the diversity of Fateh el-Islam. Almost all Arab nationalities in addition to other Muslim non-Arab nationals are part of the group. Whoever funds the group or funded it or made arrangements for it grow- be it the ‘club’ or Syria for both groups reasons- does nopt have the say on the groups future. Anti Soviet al-Qaeda, brain child of a Saudi-US project is nothing but a perfect example. Again saying Fateh el-Islam is an al-Qaeda group means an affiliate, which looks at al-Qaeda for inspiration. But wait, does Syria work with such groups or use them?
Anwar al-Bunni, a Syrian human rights activist among others was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in Syria recently. He undermined the national sentiment! That was the sentence, but how? Al-Bunni claimed that most of the announced clashes between Syrian intelligence/army special units with Islamic groups in Syria aim at undermining any mobilization for internal change in Syria and sending a message for civil society as well as external actors that Syria can become a refuge for such groups if the regime falls.
Does it make a difference? The who’s who? Actually, no. Where does all this leave the country? Guess you know it, right! War is one suitable answer. Civil War and sectarian strife that begins with late 70’s –camp wars, 80’s war- booby traps or the new Iraqi scenarios. We have seen the Arab university clashes, the kidnap and kill memory digging and the ‘makers of opinion’, warlords and ‘heroes’. Who is to blame? Fateh el-Islam, Harriri, Syria, Junblat, Nusrallah… or the people? How does it end? Either within months and 1000s of killed, mainly civilians, and an international-Arab intervention with a new constitutional amendment, a new Taef, worse than the one before or the same solution but after years to come and linking Lebanon once again to regional turmoil and oil!


bored said...

شو يعني؟

بفتّش عَ ڤيزا؟

Mazen said...

صديقي، بتصور هيك إذا كنت ما بتحب أجواء الكلاسيك اللبناني والراب عراقي
والله يا زهقان ما بعرف، أنا كنت فكر إنو ما فل من هالبلد ولا بأي ظرف، مش وطنية طبعا بس بحبو، إنو كبلد مش كبشر
بس هلق عمفكر إنو إذا خبصت ويبدو هيك الوضع، إنو 97.62 % متل تجديد الباش، رايحة تخبص لازم خلص بقا إنو إنسى وإبكي على الأطلال

linalone said...

Chou el we7id baddo ye7ke, Akhhhh.We do have a great country. 3echet b ktir matari7 bel chark w bel ghareb, no place like Lebanon. Fuck 14 edar, fuck 8 Edar, Fuck kel rjel el dine wel siyesse. Ra7 yjiboulna ekhretna...