Wednesday, April 18, 2007

From Rawshe with Love! Part I

Dear Friends,
Trying to keep things going, I have decided to write some lines everyday, something which relates to me, directly or indirectly at times also you.
This morning was really depressing. Not that it differs much from any other!
Anyway, came to work as ussual at about 10. drank tea, had a cigarette and tried to something usefull at office- Rawshe- Beirut- Lebanon. So I decided to develop my blog a bit. This is somthing new I may enjoy. I enjoy almost anything new. But I get bored the second or third day ussually. 5 months ago I decided to write a novel. It turned out that it takes too much time! I wrote about 80 pages of it, I tried discipline. I committed myself to writing 5-10 pages a day.
I succeeded for about 10 days. Had I had more luck, had I continued with my commitments for a month or so, I would have published my first novel.
Anyway, this is the least you may care about so let me get back to what I was telling you first.
This morning was really depressing. Before I continue I should mention somthing really vital. I feel sick today too. I feel I am someone else. When I use the I it may not be me then.
I work in Amesterdam. I am a broker. I wake up every day at 6, have my coffee, watch my neighbour- an old Dutch woman in her 70's- watering her garden. This takes about an hour. When I finish my coffee, my neighbour gets done with watering her garden, smiles at me while her husband shouts her name. I have my shower and move to work at 7:30. I feel like an army officer. I feel like this is not me!
I reached my office at 10 this morning. It was really a depressing morning, nothing special about it as ussual. I recieved a call from abroad. It made my day.
Fatima was walking by the sea. She took the day off. She was depressed maybe. A human rights activist in her own way, She works in marketing research at a multicorp in the Arab-Gulf. She loves her job, well, who knows. Anyway while walking by the sea she had some flashbacks. She started running on the shore! She was so tired. She fell on the ground. Her mobile went in the sand. She took a deep breath, took her mobile and set the keylock off.
Meanwhile Muzna turned on her PC. From a remote destination on earth she wrote to him saying: "About your novel, I haven't been able to open it , it can be easily read on this stupid mac I now have.. will try to save it from university later today.. or print it out to read it and promise to talk to you about it soon..."

I have a meeting now, I will continue this later. I have a whole lifetime to do so. Come back!.


bored said...

i WAS able to open your novel.

i read part of it and it's really cool.

i'll finish it in the weekend and tell you what i think.

cheers my friend

R.Zee. said...

hey Mazen, good to know about ur blog. But I'm afraid you simplify how long it needs to publish a novel. It took me ages to publish a measily poem. of course it could be that my poetry sucks, or that it's a tough and competitive merciless world out there. I prefer option 2 of course. : )

Riwa Canada said...

Hey have a great writing style. you should have kept on going with your book. it's amazing how much you can learn about a person when they write so freely and uninhibitedly....keep it coming!